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Missed miss OFW. Welcome home! #Friends #Twitter (at Jamba Juice Bonifacio High Street)

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On feminisim…

Theory about why the feminist movement is not as far along as it should: 

Women have varying/conflicting views on what being a feminist is all about. Embracing sexuality vs. not exploiting the female body, equal opportunity vs. outranking men, competing with each other vs. empowering each other, even the simpler things like expecting men to still pull the usual gentleman ish around them vs. accepting/expecting no special treatment., the list goes on and on. Some women couldn’t even care less, and are satisfied with the status quo.

Unlike the LGBT movement which is considerably more of a newer movement but has been getting more and more traction every year. I’m not saying that the LGBT movement is perfect nor does it not have its own diversity of opinion, but I think its general message is more centered. Again, i’m not saying the two are comparable nor one is more important than the other, just an honest observation.

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Jordan Ruiz - The Mountain
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"Let us rise in the morning
While yet there is no light
Draw near while the stars are fading
Let us see you in the sunrise “

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Came home to this really gorgeous butterfly (or moth?) look at me getting all National Geographic

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